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What are negative ions and Why do they benefit us!!

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Today, we are constantly harmed by negative frequencies by computers, cell phones, lights, radios and other electronics. Everything around gives off frequencies that disrupts our bodies natural chemistry and electrical system. These negative frequencies cause our muscles to misfire and takes away our balance, mobility, flexibility, and creates overall aches and pains.

BeBalanced bracelets and watches use both NEGATIVE ION and hologram technology that help assist your body’s natural energy field. There are very few bracelets available that combine both these elements in their design and composition. Our ION watches, yoga towels and mats use the same negative ion technology.

BeBalanced Energy products are all offered in a variety of sizes and colors. Our products are all eco friendly and of the very highest quality.

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BeBalanced ENERGY  BraceletsBeBalanced ENERGY WatchesBeBalanced Slip Proof ION Yoga Towels
BeBalanced ION WatchesBeBalanced ION Yoga MatsBeBalanced ION Plus
BeBalanced ION Mag20BeBalanced Paddle BoardsBeBalanced ION Mag+
BeBalanced ION Mag74BFit's Smart Fitness Band